2018 Grand Traverse County Election Results

Here’s my take on the 2018 Grand Traverse County Election Results:

Bill Schuette – What did the Republicans think was going to happen? Look at the guy – do you trust him? No.

Bob Cooney – Good job, voters. You elected a guy who didn’t even make it to the finals for a judge appointment despite being a sitting, elected Republican prosecutor at the time. Supposedly he was passed up because the Republican governor’s representatives didn’t think he had the right temperament for the job of a judge. So that’s on you voters, you get what you vote for.

Dan O’Neil almost picked off Inman. I wonder what people don’t like about Inman for it to be that close.

The TCAPS Board result is disappointing. Now board members are going to think they have a mandate to continue things like the shady per-pupil funding schemes they’ve tried and anti-disciplinary policies that have turned the upper schools into chaos and ultimately hurt all the kids.

Betsy Coffia? Really… and Robert Hentschel won. Both of those people don’t win elections very often. Coffia has run for other offices but lowered her expectations and finally ended up winning the Grand Traverse Commission seat in a heavily democratic-leaning election. Hentschel has potential. I’m interested to see what he does as a commissioner. If Gordon LaPointe talks too long you can just tell him to get to LaPointe. And yes, County Commission Comics are going to continue.

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