2019 Site Stats

Here’s some fun info about the website:

– More people find the site via internet searches than they do by social media or by coming directly to the site.

– The most popular page on the site is the article about Brian Filipiak, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office employee who tried to blue courtesy his way out of a drunk driving charge in Northern Michigan.

– In second place is an article explaining all of the TCAPS crazy. There is still more to talk about when it comes to TCAPS.

– The article about West Side pastor John Clark was the third most read page on the site this year. The Detroit News picked up that story. They reported that the amount in question was more than $500,000. I’m sorry, but that’s not – my wife is sick and I need some help – money. That’s a whole lot of money. For how long did it go undetected? What brought the issue to the attention of church leadership? Were questions investigated swiftly?

– The biggest singular day on the site had to do with TCAPS issues.

Articles on Terry Starr even make the top ten. His trial begins this week. I predict a not guilty verdict.

– Readership approximately doubled in 2019.

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