Questions Remain about CPS Supervisor Arrest

Let’s talk some more about the Paula Lipinski drunk driving and resisting a police officer thing. I know she already pleaded no contest and everything, but there are still several things that I don’t get:
  1. Why did a Kilkenny’s employee follow Lipinski to her car? Kilkenny’s is a bar. They literally deal in drunk people. How often do they follow drunk patrons out to their cars? Probably safe to assume not very often, so why did that happen in this case?
  1. How did the Kilkenny’s employee know that Lipinski planned to drive a vehicle. She was with friends that night, and it’s safe to assume that they probably wouldn’t have all been driving.
  2. What was a Kilkenny’s employee doing standing behind the vehicle of a person they thought was intoxicated? It doesn’t take a law degree from Cooley to know that standing behind a drunk person’s vehicle when they want to leave is a bad idea. Surely Kilkenny’s employees are trained not to do that. Have they ever done it before?
  3. Does anyone else find it convenient that Lipinski drove a foot? Did she really? Did she drive anywhere at all? Where is the security camera footage from the parking lot? The police didn’t see her drive anywhere.
  4. They also didn’t see her for a period of time after she left the vehicle. If she really was drinking at Kilkenny’s, her blood alcohol level was likely rising during this interim period, and the blood test results were likely inaccurate.
  5. The “dash cam” that the Traverse City Police released shows very little. It doesn’t show drunk driving or resisting an officer. That her friends are pleading with her to cooperate might have more to do with her friends not wanting her unjustly roughed up by the police than it has to do with her guilt. Also, that can’t be the entire dash cam video. Where’s the rest of it?
  6. We have no idea if Lipinski was drunk or not, because she was given a blood test. Blood test results take months. She doesn’t look particularly intoxicated in her booking photo. She looks angry. I would be too, if I had just been unlawfully arrested for something I didn’t do.
  7. Was Lipinski offered a breath test? If not, why not? That’s standard protocol after all. Of course, unless your strategy is to have someone stuck on bond (like probation only without being convicted of anything) with twice-daily testing requirements for months while you await the results of a blood test. Did the police read her chemical test rights?
  8. How did the press find out about this? They knew about it almost immediately after it happened. People get pulled over for drunk driving every day. She happens to be a government employee.
  9. Grand Traverse Prosecutor and 86th District Court Judge candidate Bob Cooney used the arrest as an opportunity to grandstand about how fairly and impartially he treats everyone in the judicial system.
This case stinks. The problem with this case and many others, is that I thought of these 10 questions off the top of my head, while our major media outlets just broadcast what the police have to say without asking the obvious questions. One media outlet even went downtown to stick a camera in people’s faces and ask them if Lipinski should lose her job based on what was, at that point, mere accusations. In this town, to the media, much of the public and even to much of the legal community, an accusation equals guilt.

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