86th District Court Judge Candidate Represents Grand Traverse County with Prosecutor

86th District Court Judge Election Candidate Haider Kazim

86th District Judge candidate Haider Kazim will likely spend the next handful of months telling us that he can be fair and impartial to all who appear in his courtroom, nary giving deference to the police or the accused. But can he? When you’re sitting at the table with the prosecutor’s civil council because you both represent Grand Traverse County on a lawsuit that involves the police, is impartiality really your thing?

I hate myself, but I agree with Judge Elsenheimer’s decision on the Open Meetings Act issue. However, the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office is still in a pile when it comes to how they treat people in their jail and the fact that a disproportionate number of suicides have happened on their watch recently.

It’s troubling that out of the three candidates for 86th District Court Judge for Grand Traverse County, Leelanau and Antrim Counties, two of them have questionably close relationships with the police.

A lot of Kazim’s current practice appears to be Circuit Court work. If anyone goes to a candidates forum, someone ask Kazim when’s the last time he’s seen the inside of a District Court. And no, being in one of those counties where it’s the same courtroom and they just change the sign for the hearing doesn’t count.

I’m starting to wonder if you have to be a lawyer to run for judge…

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