86th District Court Judge Election Talk

Let’s talk about the race for judge of the 86th District Court some more. Mostly because there’s not much else going on at the moment. There are many more articles to post about Northern Michigan public officials behaving badly, but let’s pace ourselves.

The race for 86th District Court Judge for Grand Traverse, Leelanau and Antrim Counties is heating up. I know that because there’s this photo:

If that doesn’t say vote for me I don’t know what. Or is this partisan? Because there’s also Supercuts and non-franchise local haircut businesses and now I just don’t know what you stand for.

Meanwhile, if you vote for What About Bob Cooney, he’s going to work towards establishing a local chapter of Families Against Narcotics:

No word on why Cooney has held a public office for more than 20 years and Families Against Narcotics has been around for more than a decade, and Cooney hasn’t already done it.

Meanwhile, candidate Haider Kazim posted this on his website:

The statement doesn’t give any clues as to what statements Kazim is referring to.

All three of the candidates mention religion in their campaign materials: Kazim is a Catholic, Cooney a Methodist, and Jarboe is on the board of Traverse City Christian Schools. They all either believe that voters are more likely to vote for a religious person, or they all believe that a person of faith is inherently more qualified to serve as a local judge than an agnostic existentialist. Or they all referenced religion for some other unknown reason. In any event, all three of them brought religion into the conversation.

Kazim doesn’t tell us who he’s responding to, so I don’t have enough info to take a side. It might be actual racism which is terrible. It might also be a deflection of fair criticism. Without knowing who said what, Kazim’s statement raises more questions than answers.

What I do know is that I am easily persuaded by celebrity endorsements, so I know where I’ll be getting my next haircut.

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  1. How about Antrim County Probate Court judge Norman Hayes Court changing trial transcript to affect the out come of an appeal case. I have a case in the Michigan Supreme Court now awaiting a court date for my true unedited copy of my trial transcript.

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