911 Dispatcher Michelle Katt Sentenced for Embezzlement

An Emmet County judge sentenced Michelle Katt to three months in jail, probation and community service. She pleaded guilty to attempted embezzlement of more than $1,000 but less than $20,000.

Attempted embezzlement? What is that?

A conviction for attempting a crime as opposed to committing it cuts the maximum penalties in half. The maximum jail time for embezzlement of $1,000 – $20,000 is five years in prison. By pleading guilty to an attempt of the crime instead of the crime itself, she cuts her maximum jail exposure to 30 months. That’s still a felony, though, because the maximum penalty is more than one year in jail.

The seriousness of an embezzlement charge depends on how much money is involved. It can range from a simple misdemeanor for a small amount of money to a serious felony for large amounts.

Fun fact – An embezzlement charge can come up if you’re ever a witness in a later court proceeding. Michigan Rule of Evidence 609 says that a party in a court case can use an embezzlement conviction against a witness in order to make the case that the witness isn’t trustworthy.

What’s the National Emergency Numbers Association?

Katt was a 911 dispatcher and treasurer of the┬áMichigan Chapter of the nonprofit Nation Emergency Numbers Association. If you’re wondering what the Nation Emergency Numbers Association is, it’s an organization that tries to set professional standards and educate professionals who work in emergency dispatch services. Embezzling from an organization that exists to raise professional standards. Ironic.

Katt resigned from her job.

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