Addiction Treatment Services Has Paid Advertising on UpNorthLive

Yes, there’s the story of Kingsley Schools administrator Karl Hartman being arrested for sex crimes. But the GT County Prosecutor is wrong about charges on such a regular basis that I think it’s only fair we reserve judgment until we have more information. I’m definitely not about to believe anything because Kyle Atwood says it. Not that Hartman isn’t guilty, maybe, I’m just not going to pass judgment until the case plays out in court. So let’s talk about Hartman later. I don’t understand why any teacher is ever alone with a student and in a position to even do something like this. It just seems preventable.

So back to Addiction Treatment Services. It seems like there’s a news story a day about how amazing they are. But if you look at this one, you can see a really quick blip at the start of the segment, that the segment is sponsored by Addiction Treatment Services. So it’s not a news story, it’s a commercial that I’m being misled to believe is a news story. I think I should start buying time on UpNorthLive to talk about how amazing I am.

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