Addiction Treatment Services Throws Shade at 86th District Court

I wonder what Judges Mumbles and Next-In-Line would think if they knew Addiction Treatment Services is throwing shade on Facebook saying that they don’t think the 86th District Court judges have any business ordering people not to use drugs:

Addiction Treatment Services Facebook Post March 15

Addiction Treatment Servies writes that it’s a “moral failure” to tell probationers that they can’t use drugs while on probation. And Addiction Treatment Services is completely indignant of the fact that reasonable minds may differ on the issue, and oh yeah, they’re not the ones elected judge. This company does a lot of testing for people on probation, and I have to wonder how this company is credible to be the probation drug testing company when they don’t think people should be told not to do drugs. Hmmm.

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1 thought on “Addiction Treatment Services Throws Shade at 86th District Court”

  1. It seems you might be confused as to what MAT (“medication assisted treatment”) is… Which is the clinical use of meds like Suboxone or methadone, to help level out those who’ve been chronically addicted to more dangerous drugs. It
    can/does reducee criminal recidivism, promotes stable employment, and reduces the spread of HIV and hep… Given the magnitude of the “opioid epidemic”, one really could argue that yes – the court standing in the way of clinically recommended treatment measures (or any other practice based on the philosophy of harm reduction) is indeed immoral… Unethical… Insane, or whatever

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