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There’s some interesting information online about the local, monopoly-holding, drug testing company Addiction Treatment Services. Addiction Treatment Services or ATS does the lion’s share of the drug testing for probation, people on bond and for recovery court. Some online reviewers have less than positive things to say about the company they’ve worked for:

The website reports that ATS workers make significantly less than the national average¬†for similar work. The website reports that drug and alcohol testers make as little as $10 per hour for their work. Is that true? Does their pay give them an incentive to do their job with integrity? Does their pay give them a reason to stay at ATS and learn to do their job well? Are employees highly qualified for the life-saving work that they perform? Why doesn’t the Grand Traverse County recovery court have an interest in seeing that drug and alcohol testers are fairly paid for their work and incentivized to do their jobs well?

These employees giving online reviews say that there’s “no training” for employees. They say management is arbitrary — “If they don’t like you they demote or fire you with little to no warning.”

It’s surprising, given that both the courts and local prosecutors tout Addiction Treatment Services as the holy grail of testing agencies and part of the machine that they claim is one of the best recovery courts in the entire state.

Later, we’ll do an article about ATS testing standards. They use a testing company for their alcohol urine tests that’s more lenient on positive tests than other companies that they could be using. In other words, the self-proclaimed amazing, best-in-show recovery court in the State of Michigan uses more lenient testing standards for some of their alcohol urine tests than they could choose to use. Why? That and more, later.

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