Additional Court Activity for Larry Inman Aide Case

A reader tipped me off to this story. Shortly before Larry Inman was elected as our state rep, his campaign aide was arrested for shoplifting at Costco.

Our tipster writes:

My comments:

First, I disagree that it’s easy to stay out of Costco. That place is amazing. Resistance is futile.

Second, I checked the ledger, and our tipster is correct. There is a March 6, 2019 entry in the woman’s case that gives 3 days of community service in lieu of 6 days jail. A ledger typically notices a probation violation and sets it for a hearing. Somehow, in this woman’s case, the ledger only gives a disposition. If she pleaded guilty to a probation violation, the online record doesn’t reflect it. The online record also doesn’t reflect what the allegation was. Yes, it’s strange that the online record doesn’t give more information.

I don’t know enough to know if that’s a typical sentence. I was under the impression that 3 days jail is typical for a first probation violation. But it’s impossible to compare apples to oranges if you don’t know what the violation was for or what, if any, extenuating circumstances were out there.

No, we wouldn’t care about the typical shoplifting case, but for the woman’s connection to Larry Inman. It becomes even more interesting now that Inman is charged with soliciting bribes. The woman is listed as having the same attorney as Inman.

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