Alpena Judge Resigns During Michigan State Police Investigation

For a few days there wasn’t a lot to write about, and then a whole bunch of stuff happened at once, so we’ll start with this. Alpena judge Michael Mack has done the Mack pack of his belongings and resigned his post as a 26th Circuit Court judge. He was under a lot of pressure to resign since the Michigan Supreme Court removed him as chief of the circuit and the guy they replaced him with canceled his entire docket.

Michigan State Police are investigating Mack, but they won’t say for what. But the Michigan Supreme Court and replacement chief circuit judge Benjamin Bolser did what Larry Inman says is super unfair, which is to effectively remove someone based on allegations when they haven’t been convicted of anything. The Michigan Supreme Court must be in the loop as to what the allegations are, which makes it seem a bit wrong that the public doesn’t know.

This isn’t the first time there’s been grumblings in Alpena. In June of this year, former undersheriff Terry King stepped down rather than be fired. King says that he was trying to root out corruption; opponents say that he was the problem.

Updates on the Mack sack as they develop.

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