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I thought it was the Traverse City Commission that spent their time passing nonsense resolutions that don’t really have anything to do with running the local government. It looks like the Grand Traverse County Commission doesn’t like being upstaged in that respect.

Steve Lloyd Taylor embezzled from the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency. That’s the kind of name where you need all three names. He made up fake invoices in order to pay himself funds from the organization. That got me wondering who he’s actually stealing from. In other words, where does the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency get their money? The answer is government grants. Millions of dollars in government grants. So he stole from everyone who pays taxes. Also of note, the charges were brought in federal court. How was it that the charges weren’t brought in state court? I get that it’s federal funds, but you would think there were also violations of state law that could have been brought. Did the local prosecutor pass? What happened there that it went to federal court?

Finally, to the person who posted under the handle “Brian’s Boss.” Your comment is hilarious, and of course I can’t approve it.

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2 thoughts on “Around TC Town”

  1. Q: What are “you have a pretty mouth” and “squeal like a pig” ?
    A: What are things Inman will hear in prison

  2. Traverse City is an awesome town. We love our water, our local food and our local farmers. We are a foodie town but hopefully, real soon, we’ll be a compost town too. There’s a lot of value in those banana peels and apple cores and, as you know, you can’t grow awesome veggies without awesome soil.

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