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Since you don’t have the Cherry Festival to go to this week, you can go around town with Dirty Traverse.

TCAPS Board vs. Transparency

We’ll all have to wait a bit longer for a decision on whether TCAPS has to release a copy of the Ann Cardon complaint. The case ledger says that an oral opinion on the motion for summary disposition isn’t set until July 27. For all this lead up to it, you have to wonder what is so juicy about the complaint that the board is willing to go through all of this so that we can’t see it.

Sheriff Bensley Agrees, But He Doesn’t

Sheriff Bensley is giving lip service to the fact that dash cams and body cams might be a good idea, but at the same time he’s trying to play them off as not really practical. He’s saying they’re not really practical long-term because of funding limits. Maybe he could explain to us how it costs additional funds to continue to have cameras once someone already buys them for the department. That seems like the kind of thing that you have once someone buys them, you know, like a gift. Local advocacy groups are fundraising for the cameras, and they claim to already have raised a significant amount. Sheriff Bensley never raises the same “long term” concerns when it’s something he wants, like a new jail or new cruisers.

Chick-fil-A Plays Chicken With Garfield Township

Chick-fil-A does not think it has been a pleasure to negotiate plans to locate a restaurant in the township. They think that attorney Ed Roy was asking for too much when it came to an easement for access to the property. They say that they aren’t giving up on bringing delicious chicken sandwiches to Traverse City, and they will look for another site.

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3 thoughts on “Around Town”

  1. Sure would be nice if people started realizing that Bensely, Moegennburg, Cooney, the entire board, ALL of those involved in the day to day activities of the courts, RITTER, and a multitude of others are screwing us behind the scenes for some “agenda”……what ever that agenda is isnt always clear….money from the state to continue, money from the quotas that bring dollars from fines, overtime… name it! Anyone who votes for them is culpable to the crimes these people are coving up!

    1. It is much worse than you think. I may put both of us in danger by disclosing this, but the truth must come out.

      Soylent Green is people!

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