Around Town, September Edition

There are a lot of dirty deeds going on around town at the moment:

Wife of next-in-line-to-be-Benzie County Sheriff Kyle Rosa is under fire for allegedly posting something about White Lives Matter. Amy Rosa allegedly posted an image of a “White Lives Matter” banner. The posting led to Kyle Rosa defending that he’s not a racist. Then there’s this situation. I have a feeling the Rosas will be providing more topics for this site in the future.

The Grand Traverse County Jail hired someone to audit themselves and found that they provide “decent” physical health care services. Of course they did. It’s like when a political candidate conducts their own poll and finds out that they’re ahead. Not even paying for their own study could shield them from the finding that they do an inadequate job caring for inmate mental health. Never mind that mental and physical health are inextricably linked and anyone who provides health care should know that. Oh, and of course, the findings were that the facilities “doesn’t have the most ideal layout.” In other words, excuses, excuses, and Sheriff Bensley found an echo chamber for his clamoring for a new jail. The report was actually quite critical of mental health services in several areas including staff focusing intensely on certain inmates while ignoring others, and inadequate investigations and documentation when suicides occur.

The TCAPS controversies aren’t getting any quieter. Opponents of the current board and their actions have done a good job finding qualified candidates to put their names on the ballot. We’re still waiting for answers about what the state plans to do with regards to the overbilling for the Homeschool Partnership. In the meantime, there was another scathing article out about how TCAPS spent more on superintendents in 2019 than any other district in Michigan. But not backing the School Finance Research Collaborative is about bussing, right Sue? It’s not about lining the pockets of your friends including Grant Chandler, or about gimmies, honest or not, like the Homeschool Partnership?

The local media more or less ghosted the Pence visit. I didn’t see any articles about the visit on Upnorthlive the day of the visit, untilĀ after the visit was over, and it was too late for anyone to attend. When was the last time a sitting vice president visited Traverse City with the presidential plane and whatnot? That should have been bigger news. To their credit, the Ticker had something about it (they are usually willing to be slightly less PC than Upnorthlive, in my opinion).

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2 thoughts on “Around Town, September Edition”


    This is one of the worst case of police misconduct I’ve ever seen. It happened in Michigan. The disgusting things about this incident is that the prosecutor even after seeing the video charged the victim with assaulting the police. Does anybody believe the same thing in Traverse City wouldn’t happen with the likes of Moeggenberg, LaBelle and the rest of the ‘fascist regime of the north’. The one lucky thing for the victim is that unlike Traverse City there were as least a few judges who were Honorable and had at least a modicum of integrity. If it happened in T.C. and went in front of the likes of the ‘honorable’ Mr. Phillips, Cooney, etc, etc, He probably would have also been charged with injury to the cop’s hands from beating on the on the guy’s face.

  2. Does anyone remember a few years back when a local police officer was arrested in Leelanau county for drunk driving and he was released to the T.C. police and they brought him back to Traverse City where they gave him another breathalyzer hours later and said his BAL was under the limit and let him go. I’m pretty sure it was during Lyin’ Labelle and Pond Scum Phillips regime.

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