Bob Cooney Thinks Everybody Wants Him To Be a Judge

Bob Cooney says everybody wants him to be a judge.

Do we really want a judge that thinks he’s God’s gift to judging? Shouldn’t your big judge ego be something that blows up gradually over time and not something you walk into the courtroom with on the very first day?

What about Bob…Cooney?

The unspecific “people” who want Cooney to get a sizeable raise – er, I mean, humbly and nobly assume the role of impartial arbiter of legal disputes – do not include Governor Snyder, apparently. Cooney applied for the 13th Circuit Court judgeship vacated mid term by Philip Rodgers. Snyder passed up Cooney and his 25 years of prosecutorial experience for someone who it’s safe to say hadn’t seen the inside of a courtroom in a while.

Bob Cooney says everybody wants him to be a judge.  He says he’s earned the public trust because he’s won reelection, unopposed twice. Nevermind that unopposed means without competition. You earned a participation award, Bob. The unspecified “people” haven’t ever yet given Cooney a stamp of approval.

Actually, Snyder’s review process on the 13th Circuit Court judgeship included solicitation of references and recommendations from the local legal community about the people who applied. Whatever happened there, Snyder took a hard pass on Cooney in favor of someone who hadn’t actually practiced law since about a decade before Blockbuster went out of business. Maybe Snyder is onto something.

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