Brian Gregory, Clare Police Chief Under Investigation — Our Neighbors

Brian Gregory of the Clare Police is under investigation. That’s all Upnorthlive had to say when they first reported on it last week. Someone says he did something, and the Michigan State Police are looking into it. Oh, you tease.

This article from the Morning Sun didn’t have any more information.

ABC 12 out of Flint reports that Gregory has been on paid leave since the beginning of the month. They say it was coworkers that turned Gregory in.

Mlive doesn’t know what’s up, either.

Until we have more information, we’re going to have to file this one under “Maybe Dirty, Maybe Not Dirty – Our Neighbors.” We’ll see. They say the investigation should only take another week.

If the police believe there’s something to it, they may send a police report to local prosecutor Michelle Ambrozaitis. Ambrozaitis isn’t without controversy herself, with a former assistant making allegations of discrimination and infliction of emotional distress. The allegations are several years old, and there isn’t a lot of readily available information about what the allegations were or how it all resolved, but here’s another article that outlines some of the events surrounding the assistant, Ambrozaitis and the local police.

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