But Wait, There’s Mohr!

Charges have been declined against TCAPS board member Erica Moon-Mohr. She was charged with disagreeing with Sue Kelly, — wait, I mean violating the Open Meetings Act.

Sue Kelly said that Mohr wasn’t charged because of coronavirus. Okay. Whatever you have to tell yourself.

Or, maybe it’s just that whoever made the complaint is far from the first person to improperly try to leverage police powers for political gain. Open Meetings Act violations are usually met with “education” for the hardened criminal responsible. Criminal charges would have been unprecedented, not to mention, Mohr didn’t violate the Open Meetings Act, minor detail.

Sue Kelly: It wasn’t that my allegations were completely baseless, it was coronavirus!!!

I’m surprised that the charges being declined against Mohr haven’t gotten more play outside of the Record Eagle. Other local news outlets that have been covering the TCAPS controversies haven’t given the Attorney General’s decision to decline charges a lot of press.

It’s concerning to me how much Paul Soma’s agenda still seems to be afloat behind the scenes.

Also of ongoing concern is the collective opinion of Sue Kelly, Matt Anderson, Pamela Forton and Jeff Leonhardt, that Mohr and concerned members of the public should just sit down, be quiet, and stop asking questions while they…take a deep breath, it’s a long list…divert funds to their friends (Grant Chandler), give big raises to Soma and the teachers without an explanation and despite valid contracts, manipulate student count to steal from state coffers, let Jame McCall dictate her own compensation and terms of employment, no-bid the school bond sales to Paul Soma’s new employer, and on and on. Would you all stop being rable-rousers so that we can go back to misusing public resources for the personal gain of our friends and associates? Much obliged.

Not to mention that what happened to Ann Cardon doesn’t get put back together in a day. She had her entire life and career upended for Sue Kelly’s games. That’s just awful.

How many headline jokes can we make with Erica’s last name? We’ll have Mohr later.

Here’s this photoshop, one last time. Then I’m sadly going to have to retire it unless and until Sue Kelly tries again.

Jeffrey Butler says “Stand Down!”
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