Carol Stocking: I’m Retiring. Syke!

Does anyone else remember Syke! from the ’80s? You would say whatever you didn’t mean and then yell – SYKE!!!

Back in 2016 (that’s four years ago but who’s counting), 86th District Court administrator Carol Stocking said that she wanted to retire. I mean, she wanted to, but she just couldn’t, because there wasn’t anyone in the whole wide world qualified to replace her.

So the District Court Judges Stepka and Phillips marched into a county board meeting and threw a temper tantrum about respect. They demanded that commissioners approve a strange plan to have Stocking become a Leelanau County employee and continue to do her same job while dipping into her pension fund and continuing to work. Judge Stepka gave us a second-grade civics lesson about how there are three branches of government. I didn’t know. It was enlightening.

Despite promises that Stocking would retire — in 2016 — and anger/condescension directed at the county commissioner in 2016 for their natural skepticism of the plan, IT IS FOUR YEARS LATER AND STOCKING HAS NOT RETIRED. In fact, she has done the very thing that they accused the commissioners of being so off-base for thinking that she was going to do. She got a better financial deal, and then refused to quit.

The county also coughed up extra dough for Stocking to train her replacement. Of course, they only promoted the next in line. (*Photos of judges very outdated; they both look way older than that now.)

If the Deputy Court Administrator doesn’t have it down after FOUR YEARS of training, maybe it’s time to move on? Stocking is either a bad trainer or the deputy is a bad learner.

In 2015, Carol Stocking and the 86th District Court Judges Michael Stepka and Thomas Phillips compared budget cuts to people dying. Dramatic much?

Fast forward to now. Not only has Stocking not quit, but now she’s Michigan court administrator of the year.

Carol Stocking “I am retiring…SYKE!”

We expect transparency from litigants when they go to court. We did not receive transparency from Carol Stocking, Judge Stepka and Judge Phillips as it pertains to Stocking’s financial arrangements and special deal.

So who has Stocking served well enough to receive court administrator of the year? The taxpayers or herself?

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2 thoughts on “Carol Stocking: I’m Retiring. Syke!”

  1. “There are three branches of government. When…are you going to understand that?”

    Yes, Michael, there are three branches of the government. But, I’m perplexed to what that has to do with the Carol Stocking scam? Mr. Stepka I thought it would be impossible to out slime Mr. Phllips but you have proved that assumption incorrect.

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