Chris Barsheff Named New Jail Captain

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department is promoting from within to fill the open jail captain’s position. Chris Barsheff is a Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Lt. that is taking the post.

The Record Eagle reported that there were 51 attempted suicides in the jail from 2011-2018. 51? Is that a typo? Holy. For the love that is a lot.

Sheriff’s Bensley blames a lot of the problems on staff shortages. But staff shortages according to who? According to how many people Bensley thinks should be working there — who is looking for excuses for all of the bad things that have happened on his watch? Compared to other jail facilities of comparable size? The Record Eagle implies that Bensley thinks it’s because there aren’t qualified candidates turning out to apply, but that doesn’t make sense, because the article also says that the problems date back to 2011, and the recession went on for a while after 2011, when there couldn’t possibly have been a lack of qualified people turning out for jobs.

We’ll be watching to see how it goes with Captain Barsheff.

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