Christine Maxbauer – Drunk Driving 2016

Because one drunk driving government official just isn’t enough, there’s Christine Maxbauer. She’s the former Grand Traverse County Commissioner that committed drunk driving and then violated her probation. She allegedly sideswiped a car and then blew nearly twice the legal limit.

Perhaps the reason the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office refuses to use dash cams is because endearing moments like these end up captured on dash cam. Maybe they can use the footage the next time we’re featured in a Pure Michigan commercial.

For those of you reading this out of town, the establishment that she’s doing the walk and turn in front of is called Slabtown Burgers. It’s a burger shop in you guessed it, Slabtown.

Maxbauer had less to say when she got to her arraignment. Maxbauer eventually pleaded guilty.

Our story doesn’t end there. Maxbauer went on to underachieve on probation. She admitted to drinking in violation of her probation orders. She served three days in jail. We’ll call it a constituent outreach program. She said that she didn’t know that her eggnog was spiked. First of all who drinks eggnog? Second, no.

Maxbauer finished her term on the Grand Traverse County Commission, with County Administrator Tom Menzel brushing off the incident, saying that “She stays in her position…”

Fortunately for all of us, Tom Mair came along and challenged Maxbauer for her seat and won. All of a sudden the Green Party doesn’t seem so bad. Maybe we’ll forgive you for Ralph Nader.

On her way out the door, Maxbauer and 86th District Court Judge Michael Stepka did some catfighting over the court’s plan to mess with county budgets so that his court administrator could get a better deal than everybody else. But we’ll get to all that.

Maxbauer is another proud graduate of Traverse City Central High school. The GOP is also proud of her.

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