Clare County Prosecutor Finds Body Cam Footage Helpful

Reason #14,835 that we should have body cams —

Clare County Prosecutor Michelle Ambrozaitis says that the camera footage will be helpful to sort out what happened when law enforcement officers fatally shot a man after responding to a call about an assault in progress.

Of course, Grand Traverse County Sheriff Tom Bensley says that his deputies never do anything wrong, so why do we need body cams?

  1. The impact of adrenaline on observation and memory in the heat of the moment. A body camera doesn’t have feelings. It doesn’t get excited. It doesn’t have emotion-impacted memories.
  2. Even if officers are all awesome all the time, body cam footage may protect officers against unfounded lawsuits that can only occur when there isn’t neutral evidence to show exactly what happened.
  3. In the digital age, juries expect to see the evidence. Body cameras could result in a higher conviction rate in cases where proof beyond a reasonable doubt is otherwise in question.
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