Clarence Gomery Case Gets Complicated When Mitchell Creek Sells for a Tidy Profit

Before the Clarence Gomery murder-for-hire case, there was the Clarence Gomery civil case. The gist of the civil case was that Fred Topous was a legal client of Clarence Gomery. Topous claimed that Gomery facilitated Topous using his (Topous’) lottery winnings to purchase the Mitchell Creek Golf Course, but then unwittingly inserted himself (Gomery) as a 50-50 partner in the golf course business, thereby defrauding Topous of half of the funds he used to purchase the golf course. From the Record Eagle: “Cooke argued during the trial that Gomery manipulated an operating agreement to give himself a 50 percent stake in the Mitchell Creek property.” Topous originally paid $510,000 for the Mitchell Creek property.

Clarence Gomery claimed that he was the sweat equity of the business, and that his job was to run events on the property and manage day to day affairs. Gomery claimed that he got a great deal on the property for Topous, and that Topous wasn’t going to lose money in the deal.

The jury believed all of Topous’ claims and ruled in his favor. Gomery was ordered to pay $350,000 for Topous’ legal fees related to the case. Gomery then lost his remaining marbles and the rest is history.

So fast forward to now. The Mitchell Creek property just sold for $1.1 million.

Bought for $510,000…sold for $1.1 million. So…when Gomery claimed he helped Topous get a great deal on the property, that was true. And even if Gomery had been an equal, sweat equity partner as he claimed, Topous still would have gotten his money back and then some when the property sold only a handful of years later, not to mention whatever business profits in between, just as Gomery claimed.

Huh. Well this is awkward.

Unfortunately for Gomery, because of the aforementioned marble lossage, he has to enjoy being right from prison.

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