Come to Grand Traverse County! Your chances of getting arrested are really, really high!

Grand Traverse County has a population of approximately 93,000 people. The Grand Traverse County Jail claims to process 10,000 people each year. So in any given year, one in nine people gets arrested? Granted, some of them are probably frequent flyers, but still.

By comparison, Kent County Jail processes just over 26,000 people each year. The population of Kent County is approximately 642,000 people.

So your chances of getting arrested in Grand Traverse County are 11% in any given year. Your chances in Kent County are only 4 percent.

That’s almost triple. Wtf.

So either the Grand Traverse County Jail is using a misleading stat, likely in an attempt to bolster the case for the new jail they want, or we arrest 3 times as many people as Kent County does. Either way, it’s not good people.

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