Community Watching Jame McCall Superintendent Bid

To say that the community is keenly watching what happens with Jame McCall’s TCAPS superintendent bid is an understatement. (If you need to know the whole background on who Jame McCall is, read this, and read this.)

Two days ago, I wrote an opinion piece on why Jame McCall is unfit to take the top TCAPS post. I heard someone ask the question, and it was a good question. The 12 points were just my little opinion. I link to news articles because people use it as a deflection when I don’t.

As of this writing, 1,134 people have read that article. It has been shared dozens of times on Facebook, since I posted it Tuesday. Total page views on the article is 1,338, and I expect that will go up today, because hits are still pouring in as I write this. It already ranks #18 in terms of total page views on my website. More than one thousand people want to know what some random person thinks about Jame McCall’s bid for superintendent. That’s how many people care about what is going on. That’s how controversial McCall’s application is. That’s how controversial the TCAPS board is.

I would say that the TCAPS board and McCall’s supporters don’t get it, but they do get it, and they don’t care. Here’s this commenter on this very website:

The comment ends with “Stay out of our educational community.”

That’s my point. That’s what the TCAPS board thinks of dissenters. That’s what most of the elected and public officials in Grand Traverse County think of dissenters. If you won’t allow members of the public to be a part of the public conversation, you’re going to have websites like this. We will continue to find ways to participate. As members of the public, this is our right. We elect representatives, not rulers. We will not stay out of your educational community. It is also our educational community.

A while ago, a public official saw one of my articles about them. She posted a link on social media, and dozens her friends showed up and posted mildly threatening comments. That’s the extent to which public officials in the Northern Michigan community believe that they do not have to tolerate differences of opinion, or even tolerate critical discussion about their actions and behaviors and the reasons for them. You’re public officials. We’re the public. We get to do that even if you think that the conversation is vehement, caustic and unpleasantly sharp.

A few people have claimed that the Jame McCall article is rife with untruths. They have yet to name even a single one. Name them, and we can talk about it. More than likely, the “facts” that you think are wrong are probably just my opinions and the conclusions that I draw from undisputed facts. You’ve convinced yourself those are “facts” that I’m wrong about, because you’re so convinced of your opinion that you can no longer distinguish between fact and opinion.

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10 thoughts on “Community Watching Jame McCall Superintendent Bid”

  1. The commenter assumes you are part of former Team 5. This reinforces your point pretty well. So anyone who disapproves of the BOE and Jame McCall must have been a former board candidate that didn’t get elected and now they have an axe to grind? Whoever you are Dirty TC, thank you for illuminating former jail administrator Todd Ritter’s actions as well as the other Gr. Trav. Co. Jail BS like no one else has done so far. You cast a pretty wide net about a number of issues in our community that the commenter’s accused DMJ has really no past experience with. Eg. Robert Schwander a case from 2011(long before DMJ lived in TC) that you wrote about. Anyhow as a community we have voiced our concern about Jame McCall becoming our next Sup. and I feel these comments have fallen on deaf ears. We need to rally against this lack of local democracy.

  2. Please give some examples of the false statements you are referring to AKA TCAPS Parent?
    Yesterday a commenter accused the blog as being biased because of Ms. McCall’s car selfie, but must have later discovered the photo was accurate after all-the comment about how false and biased the post was got deleted. If you can’t walk the walk don’t talk the talk, show us what you mean by false statements.

  3. You are right, blogs are just opinions, not facts. You might want to schedule a meeting with her, she may surprise you if you gave her a chance. That goes for anyone that continually bashes her but has never met her. Schedule a meeting, ask her about the “teachers” you won’t name that have bad opinions of her. You might find that there are two sides to those stories. You might find that those teachers you are trying to defend or protect actually might not be of the caliber that TCAPS employs.

    She is clearly a qualified candidate otherwise we wouldn’t be having this argument. An outside firm was hired and chose her among the other candidates. Truly you don’t believe that Dr. James Morse is lying or part of some secret plan?

    Here are my opinions:
    #1. 3 candidates have PhD’s while 2 have Masters.
    #2 2 of 5 candidates have superintendent experience.
    #3 Ann Cardon was the superintendent. I don’t think we can hold anyone underneath her responsible for “keeping” her at TCAPS. She RESIGNED under closed doors at her request. When someone in education resigns behind closed doors, it is usually at their fault.
    #4 Ann knew about the contract.
    #5 No evidence of loyalty. She asked for a new contract to continue the blueprint with more training. You have this in the FOIA’d documents. A new contract and more training would not be free. So please quit claiming she tried to steal from the district and tax-payers. To me, claiming someone stole from their employer while they are seeking a promotion, is damaging to their character and is an intentional attempt at hurting their chances. Especially when you do not have any evidence to prove anything.
    #6 TCAPS has said all along they do not support the BASE of the SFRC. Specifically, the fact that all schools start at the same base. This makes sense if you care about our students. Why would a Detroit school with a 10 mile bus route get the same funding for bussing that our schools do with a 300 mile bus route? How is that fair to our students. To cover the difference in the cost of transportation, those funds would have to be pulled from the other funds like technology or teacher pay. What about schools in the UP with even larger bus routes than TC….why should they get the same funding for bussing as a Detroit school? I seriously do not understand why you can’t see that is an issue with the SFRC.
    #7 Where is the evidence that it’s not working? TCAPS SAT scores are phenomenal. SAT scores are always top in the district.
    #8 How can you even tie financing to her when that has never been part of her job? Silly. You can’t hold her responsible just as much as you can’t hold principals responsible.
    #9 Why is she responsible for FOIA documents? Again, not part of her job.
    #10 Maybe the lack of funding for TCAPS schools is the reason programs and buildings have to close. Not sure how that is her fault. The IB program didn’t have enough students to keep it running. Again, maybe it made economical sense for the shortfall on the budget.
    #11 This drum is getting old. Ann Cardon requested the closed session. They can’t talk about it. Maybe Ann Cardon broke the law? Maybe Ann Cardon did not fulfill her contract? Maybe Ann Cardon was unreasonable and staff did not get along with her? St. Joseph had no love lost when she left. Maybe Ann Cardon wasn’t doing her job? If she did nothing wrong, she would not have asked for a closed session. She would not have resigned to get part of her contract. If she were not in the wrong, she would have stood tall to the board and said prove my fault…she didn’t. She chose to walk away with money instead. Nobody knows why she left, so those are all possible reasons for her departure.
    #12 Your opinion. My opinion is that the community stands behind her. It is always the same few that say otherwise. And those numbers are dwindling.

    1. Yes they are dwindling and it is becoming apparent how DESPERATE this group really is.

      All of the points listed above are the reasons the MAJORITY of the community support her. Maybe she won’t be the best candidate- we don’t know that as the interviews haven’t happened yet. But a tiny group of angry-about-something-different people tarnishing her image is absolutely disgusting. It is gross. Give her a fair chance. Empowered people empower people, history shows. How empowered are you, Fern?

      1. She RESIGNED under closed doors at her request. When someone in education resigns behind closed doors, it is usually at their fault.

        That doesn’t even make sense, unless they found Ann’s hand in the cookie jar. Which I really doubt since Ann had no access to the cookie jar. I think it would be more along the lines of Ann finding Sue’s and other TCAPS member’s hands in the jar. I could see Ann being threatened with unless she agreed to a closed meeting to not publicize what she found, the rat pack would find a way to withhold her severance pay.

    2. You’re incorrect about #8 she was involved with NMP’s homeschool program. In fact she lists it as one of her qualifications on her 2019 application for superintendent.
      Innovative and Entrepreneurial Programs> Revenue Generation…Northern Michigan Partnership. She definitely was entrepreneurial all right >700k which was not our district’s to be had and had to be paid back.
      You are also wrong about SFRC and transportation costs. If you read Ch 5 of SFRC then follow to the end to recommendation #4 you’ll see there’s additional funding for those in rural communities with additional transportation mileage.
      I get the impression she’s a friend of yours, but some of your “false statement” points fall flat and end up looking like you have a personal not professional relationship with her. People sometimes do bad things when there’s money under their nose. I think the NMP, a very good program, had little oversight from the MDE and it was easy to take advantage of “maximizing revenue”, which she and Paul Soma were proud to share in a Record Eagle article from 1/28/18.

  4. No, not a friend or a foe. I am just a concerned parent Fern. I don’t like the tactics you employ and I don’t like that you try to represent me as the public. I want anyone that’s been chosen to have a fair chance at the position so that we can be confident that the right candidate is chosen.

    1. LOL, I haven’t seen this much BS since the search for the weapons of mass destruction. By your third sentence you prove your dishonesty by showing you’re obviously a foe. I really doubt you’re a concerned parent. I think you’re actually a concerned TCAPS member afraid of being exposed, Also, where did you come up with Dirty Traverse City in anyway claimed to represent you? We have such a paradox here where TCAPS is so non transparent and you’re laughably transparent.

  5. And, my points are my opinions. The bussing was just an example with the SFRC study. I am not a fan. I believe it’s inequitable to anyone outside of Detroit. I want what’s best for my children plain and simple. I applaud TCAPS for standing against the downstate schools that push the state for unequal funding.

    1. Facts and references (eg. Ch 5 and recommendation #4 of SFRC.) Why do you keep referencing Detroit in a negative way? If you download SFRC and read recommendation #4 you see we get more money up here based on additional mileage needs. Anyhow, Jame McCall and others dismissed the SFRC for reasons that were wrong. She missed an important detail that caused some unecessary conflict.
      This lack of attention to detail is important to note.

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