Counterfeit Cash May Have Come From Chinese Buying Website

We’ve all read the stories of the counterfeit $100 bills being passed throughout Northen Michigan. The reports said that the bills had Chinese characters on them.

Here’s what the counterfeit bills look like that are going around Northern MI:

Photo of seized counterfeit cash

That got me thinking. There’s a website, I’m not going to tell you which one, where you can go online and buy pretty much whatever you want from China. No American safety standards, no official licensing required. It’s the Chinese warehouse of dangerous living.

So I went to the website and put in a search for “American money.” And look:

This was one of the search results. It costs $6.39 for 100 fake bills. Shipping is free.

So anybody can just go order fake bills from China, China doesn’t care, and the U.S. is playing a game of cat and mouse trying to catch them.

This person acted intentionally, so they deserve to have the book thrown at them.

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