County Commission Comics – 12/5/18

So we all agree on turducken for the commissioner party.Here’s how you make turducken. You stuff a chicken in a duck. Then you stuff a duck in a turkey.You have to cover the turducken with stuffing or it won’t cook properly.

Is this turducken going to be a winner? You know, the opposite of your reelection campaigns. Because I like my turducken moist.
Why don’t we just watch a YouTube video of how to make turducken?

I don’t think we should watch a video of how to make turducken, because videos never help anything. We are definitely too good for videos. We won’t do it wrong. We never do it wrong.
Wait, I do not have time to make turducken. I’m already working on my next campaign. This county needs me that much.I’m not bothering with this. My deputy will be making my turducken.

I approve of your turducken.

Privet, I’m Vladimir Putin. I’m here to learn about turducken and your honest government.

I wear all black because it gets me in the Christmas spirit.

This popcorn is my turducken sidedish.

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1 thought on “County Commission Comics – 12/5/18”

  1. Turducken, really. Christmas season it is. A season of Goodwill. BUT NOT WITH GTCC. They’re too good for that . They are so much better at ruining lives. They did very well at that this year. One thing I know I need to do for them. PRAY.
    I’m sure they all have given themselves nice “gifts” this season at the expense of others.
    As for turk whatever, I’d like to tell them each what they can do with it.

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