County Settles Jail Death Lawsuit for $20,000; Sheriff Bensley Says Mean Things Outloud

Grand Traverse County has agreed to settle a lawsuit over the death of Marilyn Palmer. Palmer committed suicide in the Grand Traverse County Jail. The terms of the lawsuit require the County to pay $20,000 to the family of Palmer. The figure includes the costs of attorney fees and funeral expenses.

Unable to let it go without throwing salt in a wound, Sheriff Bensley’s office released a statement saying the following:

“Although the death of Ms. Palmer is difficult to deal with, it was not due to any action or inaction of the sheriff’s office…The very low settlement amount is a reflection of the minimal, if any, liability the county faced. The settlement was a decision of the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners, solely for financial reasons.”

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2 thoughts on “County Settles Jail Death Lawsuit for $20,000; Sheriff Bensley Says Mean Things Outloud”

  1. Interesting. Usual settlement language prohibits either party (or their agents, reps, etc.) from discussing the matter. Guess he’s exempt, eh? Either way, very poor judgment to issue such a comment.

  2. More curious why we never hear anything coming directly from current inmates….are they not allowed outside contact with people to describe the day to day? Would probably shed some real light on many issues, and not all this cover it up crap we get!

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