Daryl Case, Drunk Driver, Grand Traverse County Employee

Daryl Case appears to keep his job with Grand Traverse County after pleading guilty to drunk driving. Case was originally charged with having a high blood alcohol content. But he pleaded down to a standard drunk driving offense.

The first info in the court ledger went in on September 24, 2018, so the offense date was probably right around there. Case’s Facebook page has the Serenity prayer (Lord, grant me the courage to accept the things I cannot change…) on September 25, 2019. On October 20, 2018, his Facebook profile pic is just black with comments from friends like “support” and “love.” Also, his Facebook handle is “Daryl Lee.” In other words, he doesn’t go by his last name publicly on Facebook.

A reader gave us the tip about Daryl Case. There haven’t been any news articles on Case that I can find. It makes you wonder why the media knew all about the Paula Lipinski case as soon as it happened, but there hasn’t yet been an article on Case. Our reader reports that Case keeps his job with Grand Traverse County despite his conviction, but Case no longer works for Northflight, an ambulance service. The tipster says that Case is good friends with the right person in county leadership.

Why wasn’t daryl case charged with second offense drunk driving?

This is Case’s second drunk driving conviction. Case’s first drunk driving was 2010. In that case, he completed his probation successfully. In order for a drunk driving offense to be a second drunk driving offense in Michigan, you have to commit it within seven years of the first drunk driving. Otherwise, it’s a first offense again even if it’s really a second offense. Then, if you get a third drunk driving, it doesn’t matter if it’s within second years of a prior offense; it’s a third offense no matter what. So Case likely escaped a second offense drunk driving charge because he was just outside of seven years since his first offense

daryl case drunk driving grand traverse county

Here is the case ledger for the more recent offense that you can see from the 86th District Court:

Daryl Case

As of 1/14/2019, there’s a show cause on Case’s probation. There are no details on what he’s alleged to have done to violate his probation.

daryl case 2010 drunk driving / owi

There were actually a couple of news articles from Case’s 2010 drunk driving. These articles say that in the 2010 case, he backed his vehicle into a shed. His blood alcohol level in the 2010 case was also pretty high. In 2010, the Record Eagle quoted Case as saying “It won’t happen again.” Well it did.

So what I don’t quite understand is why Daryl Case keeps his job while CPS worker Paula Lipinski didn’t. It just seems like inconsistent treatment.

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