Daryl Case / Jill Case

So I have a question for the Internets:

Is the Daryl Case that pleaded guilty to drunk driving and is supposedly still a county employee related to Jill Case, the Commission on Aging employee who allegedly retaliated against a daughter for raising questions about Case’s handling of a guardianship by cutting off the daughter’s contact with the mother, and allegedly sold county property to family members below market value?

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4 thoughts on “Daryl Case / Jill Case”

  1. GT County Govt employees need to CLEAN UP THEIR ACT or get them the H LL out of here. This county govt. is getting really pitiful!!!!!!

  2. Hi Dirty Traverse City.

    I appreciate all that you written about my situation.
    The saga has wound down somewhat.
    The good news is Jill Case got fired.
    I didn’t realize that so many of her colleagues found her behavior bullying which is exactly what I encountered.
    After many court dates my position was reinstated as co-guardian. Judge Stanton and the State of Michigan removed all the players in my mother’s life that caused so much pain and cruelty including Adult Protective Services caseworker. It was also stated that the state was removing Jill Case from all wards. Honestly she is the meanest cruelest person I have ever come across and should never be in position to affect another person.
    I will never understand how Jill was not prosecuted.
    Eventually all accounting was completed but I personally never got a chance to go over it or the jewelry lock box. A third party accounting took place and found that her ineptness was staggering. My mother who is the one that got the short stick.
    Please feel free to move this comment to other posts.
    If anyone has questions please feel free to contact me.
    Again, your previous blog was beautifully written and throrough. I thank you.

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