David Crewes — Elk Rapids Teacher Resigns Amid Allegations of Inappropriate Relationship

David Crewes is the Elk Rapids Teacher who is the subject of an investigation about an inappropriate relationship with a former student. He plans to resign from his teaching position before the next school board meeting. He’s currently on paid administrative leave.

Apparently, he wasn’t a rockstar of a teacher, anyways, earning a minimally effective rating in a prior evaluation. (How bad do you have to be to get rated minimally effective?)

The news sources aren’t saying what exactly he did to have an inappropriate relationship with a student. If the victim is less than 16 years old, Michigan law makes it first degree criminal sexual conduct for a teacher to have sex with a student in the same school district. First-degree criminal sexual conduct is the most serious CSC that there is and most certainly results in a long prison sentence. If the victim is 16 but less than 18, it’s still a third-degree CSC. So whether Crewes did anything criminal is going to come down to the status of the student (enrolled or not) and their age, as well as what occurred. There are other laws that provide additional protections for special education students.

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