David O’Bryant – Farwell Schools – Where Are They Now?

Previously, we reported on accusations that David O’Bryant stole from a local youth football program.

He pleaded guilty to larceny by conversion. The court sentenced O’Bryant to a month in jail, probation and restitution. He’ll need to pay backĀ $3,726 to the football club.

The fascinating question in this case is why. O’Bryant was a superintendent. I don’t know exactly what they make, but public school superintendents put up with a lot of crap, and they’re typically well paid for it. What made you think you needed to steal another $3,726 from a football program? Did it make a difference relative to what you were paid for being a superintendent? What did you spend the money on? Maybe a criminologist could unpack all of that. For now, Farwell is looking for a new superintendent.

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1 thought on “David O’Bryant – Farwell Schools – Where Are They Now?”

  1. The fact he took it from the kids football program and used it for personal use grinds me . You’re right, they do put up with a lot of crap, however, this steps across the line in my book. At the same time, I don’t think I’d get rid of him either. Seems that just about all administrators “take from peter to pay paul” in there endeavors. Just saying.

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