Deb Zerafa Investigation Update

Just kidding! There is no update.

A couple of weeks ago, local officials told us that Deb Zerafa may have done something bad. They can’t say what, but it might be bad, she’s off the job, and they want us all to know that there’s an investigation. You’ll recall that Deb Zerafa is a Grand Traverse County Animal Control officer who was placed on leave for unknown reasons amid a vague press release saying that she may have done something to deserve it.

Weeks later, you’ve tarnished Zerafa’s name and we still have no information about what she allegedly did that was so bad that you had to run and tattle to all of us about it. 9&10 News promised to keep digging, but they either didn’t or officials aren’t saying anything else to shed light on why they publicly shamed someone who by all accounts was very committed to her job.

The only clue we have is from Zerafa’s Facebook page:

Zerafa thinks someone is a poo emoji, but that’s all the clues we get.

So are you going to reinstate her, or are you going to tell us what she supposedly did? Because until you actually tell us what’s up, I don’t believe anything is up. Maybe she did something, but if all you’re releasing to the public is – Deb Zerafa’s bad, you gotta believe us because we’re in charge – I believe exactly nothing.

And I’m skeptical that the move came in the middle of what appeared to be a power struggle between animal control and the sheriff’s department over budgets, department classification and animal control authority. Now all of a sudden Alger is in the county administrator seat and someone who appears to have been a political opponent is out under vague terms? Come on…

So here we are. So far, this one smells. Release the information and let’s hash it all out or let her go back to work. Or is she back at work and you’re just not telling us? Are you going to issue a retraction if you decide it all unfounded? Why has this much time passed without more information?

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