Did Kingsley Officials Sit on Hartman Accusations?

Coronated Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg is throwing shade at Kingsley Superintendent Keith Smith for not calling CPS for 6 days after sexual abuse allegations came to light against former Principal Karl Hartman.

Hartman is now facing multiple accusations of criminal sexual misconduct.

Smith says that there was some question as to whether it was appropriate to make a report to CPS given that the victims are now adults and the allegations are from 2009.¬† He says when he did call CPS, they appeared to complain about the call saying that it wasn’t an appropriate case for a CPS investigation.¬†He says that making the report in 6 days was “immediate” given the circumstances.

I don’t know who’s right. What I don’t understand is why Moeggenberg is slamming a school superintendent in the press when there appear to be two arguable sides to the issue. As Smith said, “What exactly am I going to get beat up on next?” It seems like Moeggenberg is trying to politically grandstand but it’s a far cry from the allegations against Michigan State officials.

Hartman is due back in court on February 13.

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