Did Michael Perreault know it was the Midland County Sheriff?

Upnorthlive reported that Kalkaska County Prosecutor Michael PerreaultĀ didn’t know that Scott Stephenson was the Midland County Sheriff when he was charged with drunk driving.

Upnorthlive said: “The prosecutor says he did not see the body camera video from the scene and had no knowledge of Stephenson’s law enforcement background when the charges were filed.”

But, that’s inconsistent with the police report for Stephenson’s arrest. Bottom of page 2 of the police report:

“Scott stated that he was the Midland County Sheriff and that he did not need anyone’s assistance.”

So…if it’s true that Perrault didn’t know that Stephenson was the Midland County Sheriff, did he not read the police report? Because it’s right there.

So Perreault goes on and he says,

Perreault said, “You get stopped for drunk driving, you get charged for drunk driving, you have no priors, your offer is going to be impaired and with an impaired they put you on probation.”

But the offense is operating with a high bac of .17 or more. That’s what’s listed in the police report. It’s a type of drunk driving offense, but it’s not a simple drunk driving offense. All High BACs are OWI, but not all OWIs are High BACs. Are all High BACs with no priors pleaded down to operating while impaired in Kalkaska County? Perreault’s answer wasn’t clear.

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