Did Wayne Schmidt Graduate From College?

So I was reading Wayne Schmidt’s bio. It says that he attended the University of Chicago and majored in economics and public policy. Then it says he graduated from Michigan State University’s prestigious¬†Michigan Political Leadership Program.

First of all, “Michigan State University” and “prestigious” is an oxymoron.

Second, it says that he attended the University of Chicago but it doesn’t say that he graduated. He uses the word graduated for the MSU program.

So, here’s a second source. It’s worded the same way. Schmidt claims to have attended the University of Chicago, but it never says that he graduated.

If you didn’t graduate, isn’t it misleading to state your majors? By stating your majors, aren’t you trying to establish yourself as some kind of expert on the topic that’s inappropriate? If you did graduate, why didn’t you state that in your bios?

Okay, back to the “prestigious” MSU Political Leadership Program. There’s not a lot of info online about the program. If there’s information about how many people apply vs. how many are accepted, the information is buried because I can’t find it. They claim the value of the program is $12,000. By comparison, a year of in-state tuition at MSU is¬†$14,460. The MSU program is also sneakily silent on what the requirements are for the program. How often do you attend classes? Do you have to pass exams? How do they evaluate your work? Does anyone ever fail to graduate? What do you even do in the classes?

Wayne, let’s see your transcripts. All of them.

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