Dirty Traverse Exclusive: Ryan Salisbury – New Charges for Former Grand Traverse County Deputy

In 2012, Ryan Salisbury lost his job as a Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Deputy after allegations of an altercation in a bar. In the 2012 case, Salisbury got a plea deal that dismissed the charges against him after a period of probation. At the time, they weren’t the first bit of noise regarding Salisbury. The Leelanau County Sheriff’s Department investigated him for domestic violence in 2011, but didn’t make an arrest.

Now, the former Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Deputy is facing new charges of misusing a telecommunications device. There’s one count against him that the 86th District Court entered into its system on May 13, 2019.

It appears that, since his Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Deputy days, Salisbury has found his way to a far more honorable profession.

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5 thoughts on “Dirty Traverse Exclusive: Ryan Salisbury – New Charges for Former Grand Traverse County Deputy”

  1. I get the right to freedom of speech and the fact that this is public record, but I’m not understanding why anyone would choose to put an article out like this. This individual may or may not have made some mistakes but don’t we have more important things to read and talk about? Try to remember that we judge ourselves by our intent and others by their actions.

  2. I have wondered why people that express a love for the confederate flag don’t go “back where they came from” and reside in the deep South.

    I did not know you could drink in the parking lot of the parks. Did he subsequently operate a motor vehicle? Did anyone obtain any reports?

    And about the loud trucks we see ‘exhibiting speed’ in the downtown area. When is Traverse City going to enforce the law on that? In the summer they can be seen speeding around every few minutes. Maybe it is no longer a problem – I don’t go down there much.

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