Dirty Traverse Exposes County Hypocrisy in Deb Zerafa Case

We’re continuing to follow the Deb Zerafa, Grand Traverse County animal control firing story. County officials swiftly suspended Zerafa following allegations of 4th amendment violations and timesheet falsifications. Zerafa is contesting the allegations. The attention we’ve given the issue has resulted in some of the most-read articles on the site.

One of the allegations is that Zerafa has been dishonest about her time sheets. Essentially, county officials say that amounts to Zerafa receiving pay that she doesn’t deserve for work she didn’t really perform.

So let’s talk about Dirty Traverse for a second.

Since we got started in March, we’ve gotten 51 users from county network computers. That means 51 different employees have looked at dirtytraverse.com on county computers, presumably during work hours.

Those 51 unique users have looked at a total of 1,450 pages on the site. One thousand, four hundred and fifty pages! Each visit lasted on average 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

How did those 51 users find dirtytraverse.com? Well 6 of them came from Facebook.

The most popular page among county network computers is the “About Us” page. All of the Deb Zerafa stuff is also popular reading among county employees.

No, I’m not going to tell you how I have that information.

Do the math and county employees have spent 17.25 total hours looking at dirtytraverse.com. That amounts to hundreds of dollars of time that county employees have spent looking at the site. Presumably, most of that time is while employees were getting paid by the county.

How is that not dishonest to the taxpayers of Grand Traverse County? How is that not right on par with falsifying a time sheet? How do any of those 51 people have any business accusing anyone else of dishonesty?

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8 thoughts on “Dirty Traverse Exposes County Hypocrisy in Deb Zerafa Case”

  1. This is ridiculous!! They trump up charges onDeb for doing the same thing, stealing money by putting in hours that aren’t worked but checking on another employee that was terminated for “fudging” her time!! What morons!! Really GT County!! Take a good look st yourselves before you accuse others!! What hypocrites!

    1. The County supports their New Grand Traverse Animal Control Supervisor who just lost a multi thousand dollar federal lawsuit in Benzie County where she came from. Figure that out.

      1. Sheila, get my email & phone number from pet friends magazine ASAP as it’s waiting for you & Deb Zerafa for the latest on GT county AC supervisor maneuvering to try & save herself from a repeat federal lawsuit 2nd offense complete with lies, manipulations,charactor assassinations ect ect on 2 separate residences here in gt county, complete with a posse of law enforcement participating in her raids of seizing healthy, cared for animals & very inaccurately reporting to the court system & the public. Please pass the word & give me a call as this illegal seizing,killing, ” adopting”(selling) of now a 2nd ajoining county’s resident’s animals by the same person employed by Grand Traverse County knowing she has already lost a Federal lawsuit doing this exact heinous crime in Benzie county is a fact more residents need to know & change. More information will come when this blows up at the end of the month.

  2. Mr/Mrs Editor
    This is very interesting information. I can ONLY assume you have proof of these ALLEGATIONS. Sure hope it doesn’t cost you your job like it did to Mrs. Zerafa.

  3. Interesting, isn’t it? An employee who was talked about as exemplary- who upon challenging the “system” was terminated? In some industries- this could be considered wrongful termination of an employee that was an internal whistle blower.

  4. Let’s face it Deb did work more hours than she was paid for. My guess is every county commissioners also knew this. During this entire time she was not written up or counselled. Where was her supervisor? I s that person being disciplined for dereliction of duty?

    Over the years I have conducted many disciplines. Staff were always given a chance to improve performance before being fired.

    This entire issue came up after a discrimination complaint was filed. Retaliation is worse and compensational. It is apparent to me the county is in financial jeopardy in this case.

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