Terry Starr – Something Happened!

We’re the first to report that something happened today in the Terry Starr case. I know. I’m going to win an award for investigative journalism. We don’t know exactly what happened today, just that it appears positive for Starr.

You’ll recall Starr is the school principal that’s accused of sending anonymous letters to school staff accusing someone else of bad stuff.

The Starr trial was set to start this week.

Today, the case ledger looks like this:

The defendant filed a motion to dismiss two counts of the charges against him. I’m going to make a presumption that those were the felony counts. Today, 1/7/2020, in the court ledger of the official actions, it says that the case is getting remanded to the District Court. That means that the felony charges must be gone. Felony charges are resolved in circuit court. If the case is going back to district court, there are no felonies anymore.

That doesn’t mean Starr is necessarily out of the woods. Misdemeanor charges aren’t anybody’s day at the beach. A misdemeanor can be up to a year in jail. If the prosecutor/court wants to make an example out of Starr for challenging his case instead of pleading guilty, he would face significant time. However, it’s still a big win for Starr not to have to worry about felony charges.

A look at the family’s Facebook page seems to confirm what’s in the ledger:

So there isn’t going to be any trial this week. Hopefully, someone in the MSM will pull the court order, call the lawyers for comment and tell us what the basis is for the remand. Maybe it’s that Starr’s actions didn’t meet the basis of any felony charges, as I’ve been saying.

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  1. This is where a good lawyer is worth the money you pay them…..I had a crappy attorney and the prosecutor ran straight over ever right I had! The judges allow this….the prosecutors just want conviction numbers so they continue to get that state money!….real justice be damned!

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