Disgraced Jail Captain Todd Ritter Hires Fired Sergeant and Alleged Romantic Partner as Jail Mental Health Counselor

I started off the night watching the impeachment proceedings. Then I switched over to the Bachelor. Then I started reading the Grand Traverse County Jail Captain investigation documents that someone leaked to me. Then I turned off The Bachelor because not even The Bachelor is this salacious. So let’s talk about Captain Ritter, or should I say, “Big Tex.” We’ll talk about “Big Tex” himself, what it means to sport f*** (Captain Ritter apparently knows), and why all of this is very serious stuff for the residents of Grand Traverse County.

Someone leaked the Ritter investigation docs to me. I spent a lot of time researching the legal and personal ethics of disclosing the documents. I came to the conclusion that, one, leaking documents is only illegal if they pertain to federal security, and god help us all if the Grand Traverse County Jail and Todd Ritter are in charge of our national security. Second, I’m not a fiduciary to the documents. In addition, a news outlet has already posted the documents. So having concluded that I’m legally and ethically in the clear, I give you, the Ritter investigation:

The largest bombshell in the Todd Ritter investigation is this:

Amy Johnson (reported as Aimee Johnson) worked in the jail as a sergeant. She committed assault at a bar in Grand Traverse County. A jury convicted her of the charge. As a result, she was fired from her job as a jail sergeant. Then, Captain Ritter hired Amy Johnson through Community Mental Health in order to provide mental health services to jail inmates. Supporters of that nonsensical decision argued that her criminal conviction made her more qualified for the job, not less, because she could empathize with inmates. And oh yeah, other sources allege that she was a romantic partner of jail captain Todd Ritter.

Here is a source confirming it. So let me get this straight. The Grand Traverse County Jail has a serious suicide problem. We have an apathetic sheriff who doesn’t care about mental health, at best. They create new positions to provide mental health care to jail inmates. The jail captain allegedly gives the newly created mental health care position as patronage to his booty calls. What the actual sport-f***. Other jail employees complained that she made more than they did after her assault conviction and newfound employment as a mental health counselor.


Sport-f*** – what is that, you ask? Well, that’s what Ritter was allegedly bragging about doing with a former Sergeant at the jail. From the official internal investigation:

I looked it up on Urban Dictionary, and there are multiple possible meanings to sport-f*****. Either way, I’m permanently scarred. Now you are too. Sorry.


Next issue: Ritter was allegedly on Tinder hitting on former inmates. He used an alias. This is what Tinder is for, obviously. So jail guards can hook up with their charges. I hope Tinder is proud.


This allegation involves stealing from the jail guard under the guise of CCW classes:

And then there’s this one, which is an allegation that Ritter stole drug test kits and gave them to one of his booty boos so that they could test themselves before they took actual drug tests as part of their court sentence.


All of this could amount to several different crimes: larceny (the CCW class), embezzlement (the drug test kits), willful neglect of duty, common law obstruction of justice (I think this charge is very strong), and public officer accepting bribe. NO-lo prosequi NO-elle doesn’t seem interested in pursuing justice for the people of Grand Traverse County, or for the alleged victims. Grand Traverse County inmates, and the public, remain in danger from the toxic culture that is Dirty Traverse.

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