Election Day, Primaries 2018

It’s election day. I’ll be back tomorrow to report on everything that disappoints me.

Here’s this endorsement for 86th District Court Judge:

Michael Estes endorses Bob Cooney

Just to review, Michael Estes was the mayor who should have been charged with drunk driving, second offense but was only charged with drunk driving, first offense because Cooney’s office oopsies whoopsies, didn’t notice the prior offense. (Hate when I miss basic information that appears in every Law Enforcement Information Network report.) How often does that happen for people who are, you know, not mayors?

Also, under Bob’s continued leadership in the prosecutor’s office, the opiates crisis has never been worse.

I wonder if Estes is running against Lathrop to try to fight Lathrop’s stance on fiscal responsibility.

Meanwhile, Paul Jarboe has the endorsement of the Leelanau Enterprise:

Paul Jarboe endorsement Leelanau Enterprise

I believe that Jarboe will survive the primary. I also believe the election is going to be a lot closer than it looks like if you go by yard signs and public endorsements. I don’t think Jarboe has the self-promotion machine that Cooney has going, but I’ve also talked to enough people who have been on the losing side of Cooney’s arbitrary decision making that I have to believe there’s a lot more silent support out there for a non-Cooney option than the establishment wants to believe. We get an indicator today. Tomorrow I’m going to call for Jarboe to step it up a few notches.


FYI: I’m not approving comments that make personal attacks on people who aren’t public figures. That’s not what we’re doing here. If you want to be like that, make your own website. There are multiple offenders. Generally, I don’t mind trolling but that’s where I draw the line.

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1 thought on “Election Day, Primaries 2018”

  1. The status quo does not make me very happy. I’m tired of hearing promises with no action. I hope for ‘winds of change’. A clean house. Time to get rid of the old dirt and bring in some new. Hopefully it will make a difference.

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