Fact Check: Sue Kelly Continues to Mislead About SFRC Transportation Allocation

TCAPS Board President Sue Kelly wants you to believe that the Student Finance Research Collaborative is bad. One of the top things that she points to is her claim that the SFRC doesn’t provide fair resources for transportation. Kelly says:

“There’s some districts that are reporting zero transportation costs because they might be only one or two miles in a dense population where they’re transportation costs are very, very low, ours are in excess of $5 million this year whereas if they get a weighted measurement for transportation costs that would make tremendous distance for TCAPS and our district.”(1).

Sue Kelly keeps saying that the SFRC treats districts the same whether they have high transportation costs or none at all. But that just isn’t true.

The SFRC calls for transportation funding in the amount of $734 per student. “A per-rider (not per student) amount of $731 should be allocated above the base per-pupil cost.

That graphic is from the SFRC website. (2)

TCAPS has 10,000 students. (3)

Approximately 70% of TCAPS students use busing. (4)

10,000 X .70 = 7,000. Approximately 7,000 TCAPS students use busing.

7,000 X $734 = $5,138,000.

The SFRC calls for funding TCAPS transportation at $5,138,000 per year, based on current numbers.

Sue Kelly says that TCAPS transportation expenses are “in excess of $5 million this year.” The SFRC calls for funding transportation for TCAPS at slightly more than $5 million. In other words, the SFRC proposes to meet TCAPS’ claimed transportation needs exactly as they are according to Sue Kelly.

Mic drop. (5)

I don’t mean to still be harping on the TCAPS stuff when the county still has plenty going on to talk about. It’s just that Sue Kelly just keeps throwing material at us.

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5 thoughts on “Fact Check: Sue Kelly Continues to Mislead About SFRC Transportation Allocation”

  1. Kelly and her evil repub cabal believe that $138,000 isn’t enough for them to split between them. They want millions to steal. As someone else mentioned a forensic accounting is needed. I have to believe if they were willing to pay Cordan $180, 000 dollars to make her go away then there must be millions of dollars in misappropriated funds that Cordan started to undercover . They believe that (for example) if busing for students cost 5,000,000, any amount they can get over that amount is theirs to keep (hidden in some “What about Poland” schemes.)

    “My feeling toward Republicans is like my feeling about sharks: of course they’re stupid and vicious. It’s in their nature to be mindless, ravening killing machines. It’s nothing personal. They don’t know any better. Pretty much the only thing you can do about them is stay out of their waters and, if you’re unlucky enough to meet with one, shoot it through its rudimentary brain with a spear gun.”
    ― Tim Kreider, Twilight of the Assholes

    1. Clearly not all who identify as “non-Democrat” are as stupid as you believe….some of us are, in fact, NOT thieves and would like to see the entire thing investigated to the N’th degree…..I believe Cardon was on to something and was going to make it public….and we have a right to know who the players are and what they are doing!

  2. My whole worry about this whole TCAPS conumdrum is that nothing will ever happen legally. I believe the proprietor of Dirty Traverse City knows that these things don’t happen in a vacuum which is why I think he didn’t name his site Dirty Traverse City police, Dirty Traverse City prosecutors or Dirty Traverse City judges etc. The rot in the community is like a metastatic cancer that has its tendrils in all parts of the local good old boys and good old girls club. The prosecutors are buddies with TCAPS members who are buddies with the judges who are buddies with the city commissioners who are buddies with the police. etc. etc. With all of them looking to cover for eath other wrongdoings.

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