Fife Lake Teacher Schnockered at School Open House

If you’ve ever had kids, you’ve probably had to go to an open house at your child’s school. If you’ve ever had to go to a school open house, you’ve probably thought it would be more tolerable if you were drunk. Well one Fife Lake Elementary School teacher apparently took that next level, and she showed up to the school’s open house night drunk.

The School Board has started tenure proceedings against her. Basically they want to fire her even though she has a special protected status. You would think that firing a teacher for showing up drunk to a school function would be a no-brainer, but it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. The firing has to go through the Michigan Tenure Commission for approval.

Parents reported that the teacher, Sara Schwarz seemed off at the open house. They said that she was erratic and said inappropriate things including the S-word. They said it only took 10 minutes for school administrators to step in during the open house. They say she both took a snooze on a school couch and barfed before law enforcement arrived on scene.

Schwarz admitted to drinking before the open house. She said that it was a “full” glass of wine. Are we talking like a wine tasting glass of wine, or are we talking about the Olive Garden quartino? A full glass of wine is a sliding scale. Officials say there was wine in her purse. Schwarz says that she wasn’t drunk when she arrived at the school. Schwarz blames her behavior on anxiety and a concussion that she suffered over the summer.

What’s also really not okay is Kevin Sandvig’s comment on the Record Eagle article that the person accused of wrongdoing is a “stupid female mope.” What is a mope even? But to imply that the person’s gender had something to do with their behavior is a little messed up. Both genders are equally capable of breaking the law, Kevin. They’re also both equally capable of being stupid.

Comments like that give transparent-government types a bad name.

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