Friday Follies

The stats on Grand Traverse County computers looking at Dirty Traverse is up to 54 unique users and 1500 page views total. Don’t you people have work to do?


I’m pleasantly surprised that there’s a solid reader base for this website and lots of positive comments. I expected more haters actually.

The spam comments come in so fast they’re hard to stay on top of. Some of them are sneaky, and it’s hard to tell if they’re really spam.


Do you know anyone on THIS LIST? I believe that human trafficking happens in Michigan and throughout the United States much more than it’s ever reported, and there should be way more awareness for it than there is. This is a worthy use of police resources. If you’re wondering if it’s police entrapment, the answer is no – the police are within the constitution to conduct prostitution stings.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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