Friday – Around TC Town

Here’s what’s going on around town:

Sheriff Bensley said he might start to care about the physical and mental health of the people locked in his jail. But he’s still passing blame onto the jail facility itself, at least in part.

West Side Community Church – Your people might want to do some more communicating with your congregation. The article on the pastor┬áis the #10 page for the month of October on this website, and everything above it is TCAPS stuff. It’s been a landing page for quite a few people, too. It seems like your people are looking for more information.

Contacting me with dirt – Thanks for thinking enough of me and what I’m doing here to want to share info. I keep meaning to sit down and get an email going so people can send stuff, but then it doesn’t happen. I will make a point of getting down to business and doing that.

Daily readership of my humble little site has doubled since the TCAPS drama became public. Welcome new readers. I’m encouraged that people are speaking up about the jail and now about TCAPS. Maybe we’ll stop just pretending things are good (by silence) in Traverse City for the sake of public image and actually make things as great as they can be. There are good people here doing good things. However, from our public officials, we need transparency, adherence to laws, rules, and procedures (and not just the ones you make up), and accountability. It’s really not too much to ask.

Senator Wayne Schmidt is holding office hours today from 9-10 at Grand Traverse Pie on Front Street. Can someone go ask him the following:

  1. What is the role of a State Senator when it comes to supporting or advocating on behalf of a local school district?
  2. Do you agree with the MDE’s decision to require TCAPS to pay back the $700,000 and possibly more?
  3. How is it possible that you chair the education committee yet you haven’t read the Student Finance Research Collaborative?
  4. Do you think Larry Inman should resign?
  5. Do you think Sue Kelly would be a good candidate to replace Larry Inman?
  6. Do you think Larry Inman’s behavior was one-of-its-kind in that asking for bribes is just a Larry Inman thing, or is there a culture issue that needs addressing in the Michigan legislative branch?
  7. Should the community have had the opportunity to weigh in on Ann Cardon’s departure before the board voted on it, or was the board appropriate to handle the matter completely in closed-door sessions and keeping the community in the dark?
  8. Do you support student funding that differentiates for special needs students? Or should all students get the same regardless of need?
  9. Do you agree with the SFRC’s conclusions that it costs more money to education certain categories of students, like English-language learners, students in poverty and special needs students? If not, upon what facts, studies or reasoning do you base that conclusion?
  10. Who is cooler – you or TCAPS attorney Jeffrey Butler?

There are tons of concerts and events going on this weekend in Traverse City. I hope you find something great to do.

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2 thoughts on “Friday – Around TC Town”

  1. So, If you ever get the chance could you dig deeper into the missing $16K that a turnkey STOLE, along with their spouses help, and then both were “allowed to retire” without any charges being brought. Seems to me that Bensly ( and Fewins, and the old prosecutor, and city chief fatso, and ALL the soferdine family, and atty Joe Z., and who knows who else!!!! ) have/had “issues” that involve more than just an old jail building!

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