Friday Follies 11/16/2018

One of my frustrations with news reporting is that there’s the one story on something initially and then you never find out what happened to it. Like, there’s still tons of interest in the Jill Case guardian ad litem matter. I can tell from the way people arrive at the site and what they search for. But we have no idea what happened there because there hasn’t been another news article on it. I have a feeling if I were to march into the Grand Traverse Probate Court and be like, “Hey, I’m from Dirty Traverse and I’m here to hold government officials accountable. Can I have records relating to that one probate matter?” – they would be less than helpful. There are other cases that they report on once and it just goes nowhere. I do sometimes wonder if there’s more good that I could accomplish by being public and being able to demand public reports and stuff, but there are serious risks to opposing powerful people. I actually have a journalism background, but the mainstream media outlets seem so much more like cheerleaders for the establishment than skeptical reporters.

So everyone enjoy the downtown events this weekend. Next week we’re going to talk more about the TCAPS funding controversy.

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