Friday Follies

One of my favorite things about local State Senator Wayne Schmidt is the way that he walks around with a politician name tag at places that have nothing to do with being a politician. I might start doing that. We should all start doing that. Name tags for ordinary life. The extent to which he has sold out to insurance companies and special interests is really astounding.

Something else that has crossed my mind – he lives close to where the Kelly Boyce Hurlbert tragic traffic crash occurred. I’m surprised he hasn’t offered more leadership on the investigation in that case. We can almost call it an “investigation” at this point because the local authorities more or less had a press conference to give a deadline of when they’re going to stop looking (and we as a public have to accept that because they say so). If someone committed murder, manslaughter, drunk driving causing death or even just a traffic violation causing death in front of my house, I’d be grand marshall of the parade to find answers for my children and the many others that live in the area. Schmit hasn’t done much at all to show that he’s interested in the case. But he exists to vote for the insurance companies, so I guess it’s not in his wheelhouse.

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