Friday Follies

As the November elections get closer, I’m starting to wonder if Jarboe is even seriously campaigning. I never see him, or hear about him, or anything… Does he really want to be a judge or is he just there to give the minions the appearance of having two candidates?

There’s even more to say about the Matt Pater case. Harbor Springs officials just do not care about whatever Pater may have done. One downstate official went so far as to blame the victim and accuse her, at age 16, of saying that she didn’t want charges pressed. I find that hard to believe. In any event, it’s not up to a victim whether they want to press charges. “They didn’t want to press charges” is often police speak for, I didn’t want the person who did it to be charged, for whatever reason.

There’s also chaos in Peninsula Township. The clerk is resigning over what she says is hostility and false allegations. There’s a disagreement over how to handle a contract and lots of accusations spewing back and forth. It’s all a little bit hard to follow, but not surprising.

See you next week.

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1 thought on “Friday Follies”

  1. Are you going to mention the issue of the “balanced budget” from Grand Traverse County? Recent news reports suggest increased revenues that results in increased salaries to employees. There is no mention of the cost of this – not one commissioner appeared to ask – are these raises more important than increasing road patrol services and court security? One judge (at least) has been concerned about the lack of the Sheriff meeting his mandated function- is Bensley not advocating for funding to do his legally required function and instead advocating for raises – just to get re-elected- These have been long-standing issues for the County….what about the failing jail that results in the loss of life – and HUGE settlements because staff are not doing their jobs—what money are they putting towards planning for this – this is the same old stuff the County has done for years – GiVe employees raises and neglect services to tax payers – SAD – wishing someone would stand up for the taxpayers….Grand Traverse County has a failed future ——someone needs to stand up and DO something about it——

    Alger & Bott math is wrong for the taxpayers….it only adds up for employees – the rest of us are screwed….

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