Friday Follies – Alternative Commission Meeting

And now, for another episode of when you watch a commission meeting without the sound on:

I’m thinking of buying an Upnorthlive Golf Card.

The Upnorthlive Golf Card is still available? That’s surprising.

Look! The price has been reduced to only $69! You can play 18 holes at 50 different courses!

But it’s not valid on weekends before 1 p.m.

I know I usually leave my sweatshirt hanging casually off my shoulder like it ain’t no thang, but it might be chilly on the golf course. So I put my sweatshirt on.

This is my golf outfit.

I spent about as much time reviewing the Upnorthlive Golf Card as I spent reviewing the intercounty District Court agreement, and I approve.

County employees need COLA in the new budget, so they can afford their Upnorthlive Golf Cards. And I just love America so I’m wearing this pin.

Commissioners discuss Upnorthlive Golf Cards in closed session.

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1 thought on “Friday Follies – Alternative Commission Meeting”

  1. This pretty well covers it. Absolutely the best county representation anywhere. Don’t you think?
    Uh n_ _ ___’_!!!!!

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