Friday Follies – Vandalism, Daycare Licenses and County Administrator Update

The best joke I’ve heard all week is that suspects for the vandalism regarding fixing 8th street include every single last person in the county. Props to whoever thought of that one. I sincerely do hope they catch the offender. (There’s no security video outside the building? Fix that?)

The hits we’ve gotten on the website this week are cray cray. We had more than 1,100 hits on Sunday and hundreds of hits each day. The articles on daycare licensing have really struck a chord with a lot of people. I have some more thoughts on the topic – Why do daycare licensees have to go through so much while public school teachers go through little training by comparison when it comes to the physical safety of children? Why is the health and safety of children so safeguarded in daycares while it’s almost completely impossible to hold a public school accountable for a child’s injury? We only care about them until they’re 5 and then whatever?

And you’ll all be shocked to hear that Nathan Alger is one of the two finalists for the Grand Traverse County Administrator position. He says he wants to be county administrator because he’s already defeated Bowser and rescued the princess in the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office: “…there really isn’t much that I haven’t done or accomplished in law enforcement.” (OMG the arrogance.) Of course, the other candidate has a masters in Business Administration and much more relevant experience, but let’s not let that get in our way.

Is this guy freaking out because he was just arrested in Leelanau County or is he worried about the future of Grand Traverse County government?
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