Friday Follies, and Paul Jarboe, Paul Jarboe, Paul Jarboe

Traverse City bar owners think that the local community has gotten too bars-y. They’re concerned that we’re turning into Potterville. They had a meeting to discuss what to do about it.

So when the Record Eagle made fun of Michigan Senate candidate Jim Gurr for suggesting the local community is oversaturated with drinking establishments, it turns out Gurr had a point?


Lots of you come to the site looking for information on 86th District Court Judicial Candidate Paul Jarboe. A lot of you click on the “Paul Jarboe” tag looking for more content about him. So here’s some content: — Paul Jarboe, Paul Jarboe, Paul Jarboe.

If you’re looking for dirt on him, I have none. As far as I know, he’s above board.

If you’re researching your options for the upcoming judge election in Grand Traverse County, here’s his bio. Jarboe seems to have experience for the position he’s seeking, dedication to serving a cross-section of the community (rather than just the police or the otherwise “good” people), and he doesn’t have the baggage of failing to address the jail crisis and excusing the sheriff’s bad behavior.

This isn’t broadcast media, so the Equal Time Rule doesn’t apply to me, but here’s Kazim’s page just for good measure.

And I’m still waiting for all of the candidates to take the Dirty Traverse challenge and answer these real questions about their qualifications and opinions about their role if elected.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Follies, and Paul Jarboe, Paul Jarboe, Paul Jarboe”

  1. Why blindly endorse Jarboe? Cooney is the more progressive candidate. VOTE COONEY if you don’t like the Orange Blossom in the WH.

    1. Dude, Looney/Cooney is in it for the pension and benefits – he is a loose-cannon and only self-serving…watch his wife beg and plead for his pension at County meetings (sad) his only accomplishments are a result of his campaign – he would be a horrible replacement for a the current Judge (TJ) that has held himself to higher standards and results…who truly has embodied a concept of service, justice, and results…not so much for Cooney…be sure to do your research. I know. So do others, but they are scared to speak up….now is the time to speak!

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